Shark Mauls Teenage Sydney Surfer

Do these damn Aussie sharks have nothing better to eat than surfers and divers? While I’m all for the preservation of these great creatures, it’s a little tough to stick up for them when a kid surfing with his old man gets chewed on.

Sydney Shark Attack

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“A shark badly injured a 15-year-old boy while he was surfing with his father off a Sydney beach yesterday.

Andrew Lindop was surfing with his father Charles at North Avalon beach when he became the third shark attack victim in the area in as many weeks. In one of the previous attacks a navy diver lost an arm and a leg.

Marine experts believe environmental protection in the Sydney harbour area has created a cleaner environment which is attracting sharks closer to shore as they chase fish.

The teenager was flown by helicopter to hospital to be treated for leg injuries.

Police said the bites ‘cut through to the bone’ but the teenager did not appear to have sustained any fractures.”