Shark That Killed Swimmer In Solana Beach Confirmed To Be Great White

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Tooth fragments found in the body of a swimmer who died Friday off Solana Beach confirm that he was attacked by a great white shark. 

“We did recover two minute fragments . . . representative of lower teeth from a white shark,” said Ralph Collier, a shark-attack expert from the Los Angeles area.

The fragments were found during the autopsy of David Martin, 66, a retired veterinarian from Solana Beach who was bitten while swimming with fellow members of the Triathlon Club of San Diego.

The county Medical Examiner’s Office conducted the autopsy. Collier, who participated in the procedure, said the serrated-tooth fragments indicate the shark was 15 to 16 feet long.

“I don’t know if we will ever be able to answer the question of why” the shark bit Martin’s legs and caused him to bleed to death, said Collier, founder of the Shark Research Committee.

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