Shark Wounds Found On SD Surfer’s Body

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Shark Wounds Found On SD Surfer’s Body

Surfer’s body had trauma that would be consistent with a shark attack

Strange circumstances are coming to light after a surfer was found dead on the beach this morning in Pacific Beach, CA. According to reports, a 42-year old man was found on the beach early this morning and had wounds consistent with a shark attack. Officials, however, believe he had already passed away before what's thought to be a shark got to him. Other reports had the man sitting way out past the waves as the sun went down, and to add more fuel to the mystery, his wetsuit was tied to his board. We'll let you know more as information becomes available…thoughts and prayers go out to the man's family and friends.—JC

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The surfer was the subject of a search in the waters of Tourmaline Surf Park in the 5100 block of La Jolla Boulevard Wednesday night. At approximately 10 p.m., San Diego police received a missing person report from a woman who said her fiancé had gone surfing and hadn't returned.

Around 3:35 a.m., the 42-year-old man was found lying in the kelp at the water line near Tourmaline Beach, several hundred yards from where the search was initiated lifeguards said. When the body was recovered, there were wounds and trauma on the body that are consistent with what medical examiners would expect from a shark attack according to San Diego Lifeguards Lt. John Everhart.

He said initial evidence indicates the attack may have happened after death. “The thought is the person drowned in the waters off PB and then some time after that event, was the shark attack incident,” Everhart said.

Lifeguards say this is an unusual case in that the man took his wet suit off and tied it around his surfboard “in a very purposeful manner.” There were no signs of struggle. No damage was done to the surfboard or the wet suit lifeguards said. "That someone would take their wet suit off while they're out at sea, and then tie it around their surfboard and then disappear," the 29-year veteran lifeguard said. "I've never seen anything like it." The surfboard was found in the water, approximately 250 yards out from the shore.