Irresponsibility Is Back!
Just in time for summer.

I was deeply saddened a few months ago when my favorite surf Web site failed to load on my Web browser. At first I thought I might have checked-off some little box in my preferences that said “Click here if you don’t want to see anything fun or cool, but as it turned out, the guys responsible for this beautiful little chunk of irresponsibility simply didn’t pay the bill for their host, got booted, and were too lazy or distracted to put it back up. Well, those hazy days of May are gone. The boys found an investor (if you call $100 per year an investment), and now the site’s up and running again.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, is one of those phenomena that Corporate America spends bazillions of dollars per year trying unsuccessfully to reproduce. It’s raw, it’s juvenile, and I think there might be a couple things on it that border on being illegal, but you can’t help but spend an hour on it every time they put up something new (which is unpredictable, so you have to check back at least weekly). There must be 10,000 party photos on the site, each sloppier than the one before it. It almost perfect recreates the experience of growing up in the Newport Shores, a small tract of homes across Pacific Coast Highway from the ocean in SoCal’s notoriously wild city of Newport Beach. I grew up in Newport in the 90s (okay, the fuckin’ 80s … happy?), and it’s just nice to see that the Gonzo-esque weirdness of the Shores is still in full effect.

The guys who do it are all involved in other stuff. One’s a writer, another is a computer science major, another is a photographer, and this is just the place they deposit all the photos from their digital cameras the night after Newport’s latest rager.

It’s worth a look. Check it out. Make a of your own, then send us a link.

Go there. Tell your friends to go there. Feel the heat!