Sidebar-10 Trips-Dos and Don’ts – 4.8

Sidebar-10 Trips-Dos and Don’ts

Travel Tip: Dos And Don’ts Of Travel

Do: Be open to new experiences. The world outside your direct sphere of influence is a trippy place-food tastes different, people talk funny, the air even smells weird. Contrary to what some Americans might tell you, this is actually a good thing. When you’re traveling (especially abroad) make sure you try everything, and go out of your way to be friendly to the natives-making friends will unlock all kinds of new doors. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself having a pint at a Welsh pub on the Gower coast, and you’ll know what it’s like to be a traveler.

Don’t: Buy drugs. In foreign countries (especially where the majority of the population is Muslim), drug laws can be ridiculously strict. In Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Iran, and Algeria, drug-related arrests can result in the death penalty. In Cyprus, Greece, and most of Southeast Asia, possession of even trivial amounts of drugs can lead to life imprisonment. Not scared yet? Rent Midnight Express.