Sixth annual Surfercross Wraps Up

SAN ONOFRE, CALIF. (August 6, 2004) The sixth annual Surfercross finished up this week after two days of fierce but friendly competition. The Surfercross event, created by Jeremy Albrecht and Mike Parsons and presented by Fox Racing, takes top motocross racers and pairs them with top surfers for a day on the track and a day in the surf.

The event is set up as a team competition, with each pro motocrosser and each pro surfer riding on day one and surfing on day two. Teams are decided based on the luck of the draw, a random drawing at the start of day one determines who will be teamed up with whom. After each day, the points are tallied and the team with the best combined score for both disciplines takes home the overall win.

In the Pro division, it was Yamaha’s Josh Hansen and Oakley’s Scott Farnsworth who took the moto win on day one, with Cordell Miller and Kawasaki’s Michael Byrne close behind them in second. For the surf portion of the competition, Surfercross veterans Sunny Garcia and Joel Albrecht picked up the win with Chris Drummy and Trigger Gumm in second.

But in the end, the team of Hansen/Farnsworth put together the two days most consistently, taking home the overall and becoming the 2004 Surfercross champs. Adam Wickwire and Buddy Antunez were in second, followed by Troy Ekert and Ryan Dudek in third.

In the Industry class, the points were close as Mike Bell and Greg Lasiewski took the moto win and placed eighth on the surf day. But Terry Beal and Malcolm McCassey, who came in second on the moto day, closed the gap when they picked up sixth on the surf day, giving them the overall win in the Industry division. Bell/Lasiewski held on for second overall, with Meha Balmores and Rich Wait in third.

Surfercross, presented by Fox Racing and sponsored by Oakley, Boost Mobile, Asterisk, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Kawasaki, Yamaha and N-Style, has become an event that many pros look forward to each year. Surfercross has evolved over the years yet continues to be a fun, no-pressure event that combines the overlapping interests of many surf and moto athletes. Past winners include: James Stewart/Mike Parsons, Rick Johnson/Sunny Garcia, Dave Castillo/CJ Hobgood and Nathan Ramsey/Bryan Hewitson.