Skimboarder jumps over setting sun in stunning photo sequence


Skimboarder Bill Bryan doesn’t merely enjoy sunsets, he becomes part of them.

The photo sequence atop this post is the handiwork of Robbie Crawford, who collaborated with the Bryan to make it appear as though he were  jumping over the setting sun.

Crawford shared the sequence Monday on his Facebook page with a vague caption that reads: “Not many people can jump over the sun … But Bill Bryan can…”

Asked via e-mail to share details about the location and technical aspects of this unique photo session, Crawford replied with the following:

“The photo was taken in Laguna Beach at one of the heavier shorebreak spots in California. I shot this image with a GoPro HD2 on 10 shot in 1-second burst mode.

“I had been working with Bill Bryan a lot over a couple months and we were coming up with some pretty cool angles. On this particular evening the tide was rising and there was starting to be a really heavy surge where head-high waves would break just feet from shore.

“As the sun was setting I said to Bill he should try to jump the sun. So I set up with the sun directly in front of me and, Bill Bryan being the amazing athlete that he is, did it on his first or second try. He’s one talented human.”

–Find Robbie Crawford and Bill Bryan on Instagram