Slaps And Snaps: Danny Fuller

This past winter on the North Shore of O'ahu, a group of professional surfers participated in a reality television show called Boarding House: North Shore. The cast consisted of former World Champ Sunny Garcia, Roxy surfer/model Veronica Kay, WCT surfer Damien Hobgood, 2001 Triple Crown winner Myles Padaca, professional surfer Holly Beck, Australian female ripper Chelsea Georgeson, and Pipeline's own Danny Fuller. Danny stopped by TransWorld SURF to give us a sneak peek at the show that portrayed what happens when seven competitive surfers are thrown together in a beachfront house during the mayhem of December on the North Shore.

TransWorld SURF: Are you happy with the finished product?

Fuller: Yeah, it came out pretty cool.

What was your favorite part about doing the show?

Being my age and living with those guys, a thousand bucks a

week for food–which I didn't always buy food with, the house was really cool. It was just a great experience.

The worst part?

I'm not used to having a schedule, and the producers would always want to know what I was doing that day. I usually wake up, look at the waves, and take it from there.

Do you really party as much as the show portrays?

You know, I've only seen one episode, but I think so. I'm a young man living life to the fullest.

How do you think the show is going to change your life?

I'll probably be recognized more because I'm on TV. Life will get more and more interesting every day.

How do you think the show is going to do?

I think I'll be nominated for an Emmy.

While Hollywood usually ruins anything surfing related it touches, this show is awesome. Watch and enjoy as Sunny slaps a couple people, Fuller hypes up chicks, girls snip at each other, and the crew rescue an injured surfer at V-Land. The series began June 18 and will run on the WB Network for the duration of the summer. Check your local TV guide for exact times and dates.–Justin Cote