Slater Snagged By “Surfin’ Paparazzi”

A new genre of paparazzi, the self entitled “Surfin’ Paps” caught Nine-Time World Champion Kelly Slater coming out of a grocery store the other day (must have been Thursday as I was on a plane with him coming home from Tahiti that day) in LA with Quiksilver Euro Team Manager “Belly” and another dude. While I was hoping for a Sean Penn-style punch out, Kelly was polite and even took the time to show the “Paps” what he picked up—those spicy Red Hot Blues chips and some sushi. Click HERE to watch the clip as I couldn’t figure out how to rip it off…

Kelly Slater on

Kelly gave me a lecture on processed foods recently in Tahiti and then goes and buys tortilla chips? In other Slater news, the speculation that he won’t show up to the next World Tour event is Brazil is growing…yet completely speculative at this point.