Slater Tops Aussie Surfers All-Time List

Aussie surfers are a proud lot but they recently putcommon sense ahead of patriotism by voting KellySlater as the greatest surfer of all-time inAustralian surfing bible Tracks Magazine’s poll by thesame name. Writes Derek Hynd in the accompanyingarticle: “The only thing going against Kelly the pastdecade has been a lack of consistent hard nutopposition in fields of a little depth and a lot offlotsam. Rivals are hard to remember. Andy Irons isthe only one to have stepped right up to his face toforce the best from the best. A 48 man tour became atour horse race.


Meanwhile, Andy finished as thethird highest US representative coming in at ninth,while Tom Curren pulled off the upset of Australiansurfing history by pipping Tom Carroll (who at onestage had 10 consecutive Tracks “surfer of the yearreader polls to his name) to finish in third place. Occy filled the gap between Curren and Slats. Othersurprises included young guns Taj Burrow (5) MickFanning (7) and Joel Parkinson (8) making the top 10.Layne Beachley was the highest placed female with avery respectable 11th place finish while DukeKahanamoku came in at 12.

The Greatest Surfers Of All TimeAs Voted By Tracks Readers
1. Kelly Slater
2. Mark Occhilupo
3. Tom Curren
4. Tom Carroll
5. Taj Burrow
6. Mark Richards
7. Mick Fanning
8. Joel Parkinson
9. Andy Irons
10. Michael Peterson


Other USA Dudes to make the cut
12. The Duke
13. Laird Hamilton
16. Gerry Lopez
17. Shane Dorian
21. Rob Machado
22. Bruce Irons
27. Miki Dora
33. Buttons
36. Sunny Garcia
39. CJ Hobgood
43. Cory Lopez
48. Larry Bertelmann
53. George Greenough
55. Dane Kealoha
58. Kalani Robb
63. Jeff Hakman
65. Taylor Knox
66. Matt Archbold
68. Brad Gerlach
69. Michael Ho
72. Derek Ho
77. Shane Beschen
80. Mike Parsons
85. Lisa Anderson
86. Greg Noll
89. Christian Fletcher
91. Darrick Dorener
99. Eddie Aikau