Slates Rings The Bell

Slater ringing the bell. Photo: ASP

The air. Photo: ASP

A disappointed Bede. Photo: ASP

The 8X ASP World Champion, Kelly Slater, has made it two in row this year, by winning the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach presented by Snickers.

“It feels awesome; it feels really good,” said Slater. “The Bell is arguably the best trophy you can win in surfing. I do have a couple, but to get there and have the chance and get a third one feels really good. I?ve just joined my good friend Sunny (Garcia) with three, and I think MR (Mark Richards) and MP (Michael Peterson) have four or five ? those guys are crazy.”

Slates trailed Bede Durbidge almost all heat, but was able reach into his bag of tricks and get the score. At around the 27 minute mark of the 30 minute final, Slates took off on a wave and blasted a big double-grab air on the first section, and followed it with several turns all the way to the inside. The air was alright, but what made it so gnarly was how riskily early he busted it.

“I thought Bede had me,” said Slater. “I wasn?t trying to worry too much or stress ? I was happy just to be in the Final ? but before the heat I heard Rabbit (ASP President) say something about going up to Rincon so I thought I would sneak up there to see what I could find.”

Slater has further proven how good he really is, it dosen’t matter how bad the waves are, and they were bad, he’ll get the score.

“I was really surprised Bede (Durbidge) let me paddle up to Rincon by myself,” Slater said. “I thought that when I looked back, he would be 10 yards behind me, but when I looked back, he was still in the Bowl. Then that wave came that let me do that big air.”

The lack of good surf in this event is is what the WCT has come to stand for lately, World Crap Tour. Lets hope hope Tahiti can break us out of this slump.