“Smash It Up Movie Review And Photos

What: O’Neill’s new flick “Smash It Up

Where: The legendary La Paloma Theater in Encinitas, California

When: Wednesday, August 10

Who: Lots of groms, surf dads, ladies, more groms, some more ladies, and the O’Neill crew.

Somebody’s doing something right at O’Neill because “Smash It Up was a great surf movie. The good folks at O’Neill did the San Diego County premier right, too: Throw a bunch of gear into the near capacity crowd, get everyone fired up, and show an entertaining movie.

In case you’ve forgotten, O’Neill is holding quite a team with WCT surfers Cory Lopez, Tim Reyes, and Trent Munro, North Shore dominators Roy Powers and Tamayo Perry, super grom John John Florence, the Gudauskas brothers, Brett Simpson, Nathan Carroll, and Nathaniel Curran among others.

My favorite section was Tamayo Perry’s. With this crazy classical music blasting, Tamayo was pulling into massive Pipe bombs that had the wave starved crowd roaring.

Cory Lopez’s section was really good as well and included some recent Mentawai footage. John John’s part also blew me away. The kids skills are mind blowing! Final Rating: Two thumbs up from both myself, and TransWorld SURF Photo Editor Pete Taras.