Smash It Up! The Biggest O’Neill Video in Years!

World Premiere in San Clemente Tuesday, June 21st.

There hasn’t been this much anticipation for a video of this huge in a long time. O’Neill has busted through all stop signs and red lights to bring you the gnarliest video you’ve seen in years! Smash It Up high lights the highly talented O’Neill surf team in faraway destinations like Indo, Australia, Mexico, Europe, Hawaii, the East Coast, and California. The footage and level of surfing displays the awesome depth and talent of the O’Neill team. The state oft heart surfing pushes the envelope of what’s possible on a board. The video won’t be in stores until the end of July, but you can catch a sneak peek at the world premiere6pmTuesday, June 21st, at San Clemente High School’s Triton Center. Live music will be on tap, there’ll be food for the groms, promos, and with the NSSA Nationals happening that week right down the street at fabled Lowers, it’s guaranteed to be a blow out. If last year’s premiere of O’Neill’s The Kids Are Alright video at San Clemente High School was any indication of how packed it’s going to be, you’d better show up early.

The collection of footage ranges from contest surfing, free surfing, tow-in, and your general dropping-out-of-the-sky-at-huge-neck-cracking-Pipe. Smash it Up delivers the goods and will get you fired up to surf! Whether you want top WCT surfers Cory Lopez chucking huge airs and Trent Munro getting pitted beyond belief in the Mentawais, or freak out on Timmy Reyes, Roy Powers, Nathan Carroll, and Brett Simpson lighting up Australia with complete abandon, Smash It Up has it covered. Or on the more hairier side of things, the Tamayo Perry footage charging some vicious barrels at Pipe is solid and we caught Gerr towing into some bombs in remote Mexico. At the end of the day Smash It Up provides a little something for every one and will sure to be your most watched vid in your collection.

To accompany the mind bending radicalness of the surfing is the music which gives this movie the proper motivation one needs to get amped up. O’Neill and Atlantic Records have partnered together to bring you the finest picks of music and gives this movie the final touches of brilliance. Your ears and eyes stunned for days after seeing and watching Smash It Up.

And if you can’t wait for the video to hit the stores at the end of July, you can check it out when O’Neill and Surfline visit your local town… Surfline has joined O’Neill for the Smash It Up Tour and we’re hitting spots on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to bring the house down with surfing, live music, and the Smash It Up premiere of course. Check out and for the locations team O’Neill and the forecasters from Surfline will be hitting up this summer with a breakfast and a surfin’ the morning at your local beach, autographs at the shops that afternoon, and a full blown surf stomp that night with live music, food, giveaways, and the Smash It Up premiere.

To top it off, the expansive media reach of TransworldSurf is on board for the Smash It Up video and events to cover the mayhem, pass out promo at the events, and to hype up the already huge vibe of the vid. Check out Transworld Surf for all the details.

So if you want to get fired up to throw tail and go on a serious adventure with the best surfers in the world, then O’Neill’s new Smash It Up movie is for you.”