Sofia World Champ

South America’s First Surfing World Champion Sofia Mulanovich

Sofia Mulanovich absolutely dominated the women’s WCT this year. The diminutive regular-footer from Peru used her technically flawless style of surfing to rip her way to three ‘CT victories and was basically the woman to beat all year.

Having had the pleasure of going on a boat trip this past summer with Sofia, I could tell she was on a mission. Even though she had the gnarliest surfing-induced rash I’ve ever seen, the girl would surf all day, every day, no matter what the conditions. It was evident then that she was going to pull off the title because she had this focus and drive that was unstoppable.

Having dethroned Layne Beachley and her vise-grip-like hold on the women’s world title, Sofia has ushered in a new era of women’s professional surfing. Coupling that feat with being the first South American surfer to ever win a world title, Sofia has had quite a year and deserves a mountain of respect. TransWorld SURF caught up with Sofia while she was hurriedly packing for the final event on the women’s tour in Maui.-Justin Cotà‡

TransWorld SURF: Congratulations, Sofia, you had an amazing year. At what point during the tour did you realize that you might be able to win the title?Sofia Mulanovich: In Fiji. After I won that contest I was like, “I can do this.” After that everything just went my way, it all came together.Did you do anything different this year? Was it some crazy training regimen you went on? Really good boards? What was it?

I think it was a little of everything. I have really good boards, got lucky a couple times, and a lot of times it just seemed like waves were coming right to me. I don’t really train-I just surf a lot.

You told me earlier in the year that if you won, there was going to be the hugest party ever and that I was invited. Has that party happened yet? Where’s my invitation?

(Laughs) We had a party at Rochelle’s house after the Hale’iwa contest-that was really fun. I’m going home to Peru after Maui, so there’s going to be a party when I get there. You can come if you want (Laughs).Thank you. Well, Sofia, I’m really proud and happy for you. Congratulations, again and good luck in Maui.

Thanks, Justin. Sorry I couldn’t talk longer-I’m late for a flight!

That’s cool. Take care, and stay in touch.-Justin Cotà‡