Solitude Partners With American Fashions

In an effort to improve service and distribution, Solitude has teamed up with San Diego-based American Fashions.

Solitude Founder Shaun Tomson says the move will allow him and his wife Carla, who designs the men’s and women’s lines, to focus on the creative and marketing aspects of the brand. American Fashions will take care of distribution, finance, and warehousing for the Carpenteria-based brand.

Tomson says additional infrastructure is needed in order for the brand to continue to flourish. Since Solitude’s July 1998 launch, the multi-million dollar brand has established more than 350 retail accounts nationwide. The majority of dealers are surf-specialty shops, but Solitude is also distributed to high-end stores such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

For Tomson, quality not quantity takes precedence in Solitude. He takes a particular attention to detail particularly in the fabrication, but buttons, threading, and embroidery are also a key element to the garment.

The pricepoints are higher than the average button-down (45 dollars to 120 dollars), but Tomson says customers are getting a high-end product. “People understand it’s a special brand with tight distribution,” Tomson says. “There’s a lot of perceived value.” –