Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere: Globe’s all-star team travels the globe for the company’s first-ever surf-team video.

It’s hard to get a full impact of just how good a team is until you realize that Globe’s all-star list includes Occy, Taj Burrow, Noodles Webster, Luke Hitchings, the Hobgoods, and Pancho Sullivan—all featured surfers in the company’s first-ever surf-team video Somewhere, Anywhere, Everywhere. In making each surfer’s part, Globe didn’t just follow the ASP tour and film freesurf sessions, it came up with places for the team to go to get the work done and see another side to its superstars. Filmed at locations on the coasts of Australia, Hawai’i, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Tahiti, and South Africa, the video takes a deeper look at each of the team’s personal lives both at home and on the road. Recently, we took a couple minutes with C.J. Hobgood to talk about the making of his part.—AC

When did you start shooting footage?

I want to say January, February (of 2003). They (filmers) flew over to my house and wanted to get the home vibe and stuff. I was just like, “Great idea.” Then we went to Australia and tried to film as much as we could. I just did a trip to Costa Rica a little bit ago, and we actually got really fun waves, so that was good.

When you’re going through the editing process, did you look at it skaters do with, “I need more backside stuff, I need more … ” Did you need a complete array of maneuvers?

Yeah, just sitting in with other video guys, they’ll tell you what they think you need. With Taylor (Steele), he’s like, “We just need a couple backside airs.” So those guys think that way, and then it kind of gets you to think that way. I want to be an all-around surfer. I try to get some good barrels, some good power turns, and maybe a move not too many people have seen before. If I can do that, I’m stoked.


A lot of guys in skateboarding want to out-trick each other. Do you want to do something nobody else has done before? I know that’s kind of hard to do in surfing, obviously, but is there ever something you just really want to get down as a piece of your part?

Yeah. I’m always kind of trying to think that way. What can I do now? What variation can I change? I think that way all the time with myself, and then if I can go to a spot where they’re filming and happened to act out what I’ve been thinking for a while, then it’s good.

Where were the best waves for this trip?

The best sessions I can remember filming were at that good old beachbreak in Tahiti—Papara. The waves were small, and I had a couple fun sessions out there and got a couple combos. That session sticks out in my head.