Somewhere Premier


The boys over at Rip Curl premiered their newest movie Somewhere the other night at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach. The pre-party was at the Rip Curl headquarters in Costa Mesa, so …MORINformed and gRinDTv staff photog, Yani Kos Kos, decided to cruise over.

The Curl went all out for the pre-party. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Rip Curl dwelling, but it is pretty, pretty, pretty rad. Right when you walk in, directly behind where the receptionist would sit is a legit bar, like one you’d find in say Duke’s.

Needless to say …MORINformed and Yani got their pre-game on. Like the good folks that they are the Curl crew thought it would be a good idea if no one drove over to Newport, so they chartered two buses to take the whole party over.

The movie was sick, it’s what you would expect from the guy’s that brought you The Search, and a good time was had by all. Due to all the free refreshments Yani’s camera coordination was more than slightly impaired, I think he may have been …MORINtoxicated, but here’s some pics from the night:

The pre-party location.

T. Knox fresh off a plane from Fiji.

Party people inside The Curl.

?MORINformed was there.

?MORINformed talking story with Ford Archbold, as you can tell Yani was feeling the effects.