Speared In The Throat At Sunset; Luke Kennedy Sends A Message From The Hospital

After a freak accident in the shorebreak at Sunset Beach saw Tracks surf magazine editor Luke Kennedy get impaled by the tail of his surfboard, he sends a message from the hospital. It was a horrific accident and had the likes of Ross Clarke Jones rattled, “I didn’t even realise it was Luke. It’s looks really bad. I tried to stop the bleeding, but when I tried that he couldn’t breathe,” he told Tracks.

The poor guy was only off the plane for ten hours before his mishap in the shorebreak. According to an article on Tracks, he got caught up in the shorebreak after surfing 8-10 foot Sunset and somehow got thrown throat-first into the tail of his board, which was most likely a pintail as Sunset requires. He was taken to Queens hospital in Honolulu where he is making a faster than expected recovery.

TransWorld SURF would like to wish Luke a speedy recovery—get well soon mate!