Special Two Part Installment Of Surf Slang

More Bro Slang

Videbro: A bro who just videos all the time.Example: “Dude, let’s call the videbro Jesse and make him shoot today.”

Bro-stin Howell The Third: A bro who is super rich.Example: “Dude, take us out to lunch. We all know you’re a Bro-stin Howell The Third.”

Bro-ski: Just another bro.Example: “Hey! What’s up bro-ski?”

Bro-time: Hang out time with the bros.Example: “Tell the chicks to go home, it’s brotime.”

Bro-fessional: A bro who’s good enough to be pro.Example: “Paul is so good and so bro-ish, he’s a bro-fessional.”

Bro-ski and Hutch: A bro and his sidekick who’s always hanging with him.Example: “Hey, look! Here comes Bro-ski and Hutch.”

Regular Surf Slang

Boner Lock: When you’re hugging a girl at the beach and you get a boner, so you have to just keep hugging her until it goes away.Example: “Uh oh, honey. Keep hugging me. We have to do a boner lock. Let me just think about boxing for a minute.”

Kookus Maximus: A lame word for a big-time kook.Example: (In your best valley girl voice) “Jay is so like, a total kookus maximus. Like, fully.”

Slish: When someone tries a slash, but just digs rail.Example: “Aaron fully tried to slash, but he just did a slish.”

Coffee Brick: The feeling in your stomach when you drink three cups of coffee then paddle out.Example: “Oh bro, I got such the coffee brick right now.”

Doug Rail: A guy who’s notorious for blowing sections.Example: “Look at that sweet air section that guy’s got. What? He blew the section! Oh, it’s Doug Rail.”