Spectacular Disaster!


So far, so Spectacular!

We’ve got a dozen or so stops on our Spectacular Disaster Tour and have already put a hurt on Florida, or maybe it’s the other way around. After 3 Gulf Coast parties by Barfleyes.com, professional driver/everyman Dustin Howard took the O’Neill bus over to central Florida for a few nights of good timing and movie playing.

Spectacular Disaster: Jupiter from Spectad on Vimeo.

We’re a couple stops in already, having just wrapped up Jupiter and Melbourne Beach this week before an epic showing at St. Augustine landmark surf shop the Surf Station. For those of you who don’t know, the Surf Station is the best surf shop in the world. Flat out. Forget standing waves or skate ramps, this place sells beer! It’s a converted gas station/convenience store and has been home to guys like Gabe Kling, Jimmy Wilson, Eric Taylor, and Zander Morton since they were groms. Zander and Matt Ollis pulled out all the stops with the help of everyone at the shop for what was one of the biggest outdoor premieres they’ve ever had. Most of the movies’ core cast was at the show, including Ben Bourgeois, our newest addition to the RV who came straight from an extended trip in Costa Rica following the ISA World Games just in time to catch last nights show.

People started filling into the parking lot around dusk and things got going shortly after. The movie was projected on the side of the O’Neill RV while pickup truck beds and the Smith/Jaguars van provided box seats at the opposite end of the parking lot.  Ergo, Matix, DVS and Spy hooked up the crowd with tons of giveaways before Gabe smashed a DVS pinata stuffed with goodies to an already gear saturated throng of kids.

Spectacular Disaster Gulf Wrapup from Spectad on Vimeo.

Next stop: Jacksonville Beach – home to Asher Nolan and probably a messy evening at Mellow Mushroom. We’ve got a few days off before we have to be in Savannah Georgia and we should be spending them recharging for the Disaster Tour but somehow the Jaguars first game of the season is tomorrow and Gabe’s birthday is the next day – scary. Stay tuned, we’ve got some videos and possibly some waves on the way!


Spectacular Adventures! Trailer from Spectad on Vimeo.

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