Speeedfins releases the new fibreglass fin series

Foam Core, Lightweight, Fibreglass fins …

Using the latest technology, Speeedfins have developed the existing range of fin templates in a foam-core fibreglass medium.

Speeedfins global test pilot and big wave surfer Andy Campbell said:”The fin is lightweight, has more flex than the ceramic and carbon fibre Speeedfins, and has a similar feel in terms of flex to fibreglass fixed fins.

CEO Geoff Cropley said:”The fibreglass series was designed to bridge the gap for surfers going from fixed fins to Speeedfins, and also to create further choices for those already riding Speeedfins.

Switching from riding a surfboard with fibreglass fixed fins to the ridged ceramic and carbon fibre Speeedfins can sometimes produce a very different feeling. The new Fibre series closes that gap. The resulting feeling is a fin with incredible drive and speed due to the patented Speeedfin design, but without feeling to stiff or ridged …

Speeedfins USA Business Development Manager Andy Scott Said:à…gThere was a real buzz surrounding the Fibre series when we displayed them at the San Diego and Florida trade shows last month.