Split Surf Team News

Shea Lopez
Shea has been on the road abunch the past few weeks. He was in California for the Boost MobilePro at Lowers, after that, he flew over to France for the WCT event inHossegor. He went up against his brother Cory twice in France, withCory getting the best of him in the second exchange. He came home to the same great surf that Florida has been experiencing all summerlong. Shea is claiming one of Florida’s best summers of surf in recent memory. He’s been amping out and driving up and down the coast finding the best waves the Sunshine State has to offer.

Mikala Jones
MJ spent all of August in France and Portugal surfing the WQS Euro leg. He was accompanied by the rest of the Jones clan, including his wife Emma and Daughter Isabella. Mikala just recently returned from Western Australia, he scored some epic North Point. Next up are WQS in Santa Cruz and Brazil, then back home to Hawaii for the winter. Look out for Mikala’s new signature boardshort coming soon!

Matt Mohagen
Congrats to Matty Moà® for winning the opening NSSA SW Conf. Explorer Mens division in HB. From the NSSA press release: In an earlier preliminary round, Matty Moà® pulled off what was the best aerial maneuver yet in a NSSA west coast event unleashing a enormous frontside standard air. The solitary air move earned an excellent 8.5 score from the judges so you know it was one filthy punt.

The Groms in Hawaii are fired up for the NSSA and HASA seasons, which just began. Nic Schenk is leading the Split contingent from the Big Island.

East Coast
Todd Pace has been holding it down up in Virginia Beach, while Erik Schub and Rob Brown have been scoring some sick waves are North Carolina. Down in Florida, Jay Gordon and Jon Gosman have been busy competing in the East Coast WQS comps. Tommy Orsini and Matt Sabatino are getting started with the new NSSA and ESA seasons. South Floridians Matt Oberman, Andrew Christopher, and Dave Begley have spent their fair share of time on the road this summer on photo and video trips.

West Coast
Encinitas’ Carson Wise is the newest addition to the Split Surf Program. Carson will be competing in the Sun Diego Pro/Am air shows and holding it down in the SD area. Up in Santa Cruz, Scott Gudhal and Nick Hanna have been scoring great waves from the past couple south swells to reach up north. Carpinteria’s Blake Howard’s surfed in the Newport and San Miguel WQS comps and has been getting some sick evening tow-at photos around home.

Thats it for now, more later.

Shaun Burrell
Surf Marketing