Spring Book Reviews

Spring Reading Reviews
In this age of digital everything it's easy to browse your favorite web sites, read a few gossip columns, and call yourself "in the know." That's great and all but lately I've rediscovered the joy of reading a good book. Something about posting up somewhere (preferably in a hammock under a palm tree) nice and quiet and getting away from all the phone calls, emails, instagram updates, texts, Facebook posts, haters on Twitter, and other bs is refreshing. Below are a few books that I've enjoyed of late…—JC

On Surfari by Tim Baker
Aussie surf journalist Tim Baker is in a class by himself when it comes to people who surf and write—for an editor like me he's quite inspirational in how he managed to finagle a lifestyle out of writing about surfing. Anyway, Surfari is the story of Baker packing up his family in a SUV, hitching a trailer to it, and doing a big ol' circle around Australia. His trip was meant to be one of surf discovery and family bonding. Well, the family sure bonded, but the surf discovery aspect of it was my personal highlight—he'd usually end up looking for a buddy to surf with at sharky, isolated beaches throughout Oz. After finishing the book, I really wanted to drop everything and spend a year camping throughout Australia. To me, that means it was a great read.
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Izzy Paskowitz

Izzy and his son Isaiah who inspired the founding of the "Surfers Healing" program that teaches autistic kids the joy of surfing. Photo: English

Scratching The Horizon by Izzy Paskowitz
I've seen the Paskowitz family movie Surfwise, so I kinda had some background info on Izzy's story, but hearing it from him perspective is a whole different deal. Granted, I just started reading this one and it's an advance copy, but the crazy Paskowitz family story keeps you coming back for more and more. Can't wait to see where this one takes me.
Available August 2012 from St. Martin’s Press 

Wave Chasers by Jack Nordgren
If you've spent any time on this site at all you know that our buddy Burton Hathaway is crazy about lake surfing. Well Burton ain't alone in his freshwater fetish—turns out there's all kinds of hardcore dudes out there ripping up Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and the other three big bodies of fresh water. The book isn't too fancy and features 80 pages of cool photos, the short stories behind them, and the characters that call the Great Lakes their spot.
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Surfer Chick by Kristy Dempsy
If you have a little one in your life (I prefer to borrow my brother's kids) this illustrated book of awesomeness is a must. And we all know that you really want your kid to surf, but don't want to push them too hard for fear they'll hate it. So it seems to me that if you read this book to a little rug rat as they fell asleep he or she would dream of surfing, and therefore get into it without having to be prodded. Just a bit of parenting advice from a guy with no kids…