Spy Giveaway: Win Dean Morrison’s Surfboard And More!

Okay, so you read Dean Morrison’s story about the road trip he took down theAustralian coast in the January issue of TransWorld SURF. You know the one,”Escape From The Gold Coast. So at the end we told you about how you couldwin some cool prizes, so cool in fact that we couldn’t reveal it in themagazine. Well, we’re finally ready to reveal what’s up for grabs: One ofDean’s own personal surfboards, used by the Coolie kid himself andautographed to boot.
And that’s not all!
The winner will also get an awesome prize pack from Spy, including a backpack, sunglasses, T-shirt, and hat. And there’s a badass runner up package too, with a sweatshirt, sunglasses, hat, and T-shirt. All you have to do is answer the following questions correctly, send the answers in to us, get randomly selected, and you could beschralping on one of Deans’ personal shred sticks.
All the answers are in the article so have a read and email us your answers attransworldsurf@gmail.com. Good luck ya seppos!
1. How many stitches did Dean get in his foot on the first day of the trip?
2. How many boards did they bring in the RV with them?
3. What size board did Dean ride at Macca’s local spot?