Spy Optics Signs Dave Pinto

SPY would like to welcome 22-year-old David Pinto to its world class surf team, which includes ASP World Champ Sunny Garcia, Keith Malloy, Chris Malloy, Seth Elmer, and Pascal Stansfield.


  • NAME: David Pinto
  • AGE: 22
  • SPONSORS: SPY, Hurley, Channel Islands Surfboards, Ocean and Earth, and Killer Dana.
  • HOMETOWN: San Juan Capistrano
  • LOCAL BREAK: Salt Creek
  • FAVORITE BREAKS: Creek, Trestles, and Sunset Beach
  • HEARSAY: “David recently broke his tibia near the ankle but, is on the road to recovery. He is mentally preparing himself for the upcoming contests in Oz. Get well soon David!”
    — John Lee, Spy marketing manager

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