SRH Dodge Charger Giveaway Saturday


Saturday, Oct. 23rd, SRH and Victorville Motors will be giving away an SRH Edition Dodge Charger in what many are calling it the ultimate co-op. Hundreds of spectators are expected to be on hand for the event, which will feature live broadcast and music from the radio station X103.9, appearances by the SRH FMX team, including Myles Richmond, Taylor Sterner, Jason Springfield, Vinnie Carbone and Bryce Hudson as well as an autograph session with the members of the band Kottonmouth Kings in addition to free food catered by Buffalo Wild Wings and drinks provided by Monster Energy.

Alex Vogt, Marketing Director for SRH had this to say, “This was a great way to give back to the SRH community. We promoted 3 straight months at Victorville Motors, on all our web properties, email blasts and the retail level at all of the No Fear outlets. We even brought the car to our flagship event, SRH Fest, trying to reach every SRH fan possible so they had a chance to win. Unfortunately, there will only be one winner, but all the runner ups will receive huge SRH prize packages. And hey, if they like the car that much, they can always buy one from Victorville Motors. It’s going to be a great time!"