Still Crazy After All These Years – Christian Fletcher


Lower Trestles

Fletcher kicks a judo.

Over a decade ago, a monumental trick was pulled by one of modern surfing’s forefathers. The trick was tucked between a short Tom Curren section and a random montage of slashers smack dab in the middle of the classic surf flick, What’s Really Going On. It was at that moment when the master of disaster, Christian Fletcher, became the first human to land a judo air on a surfboard, complete with video proof.

A skater at heart, Christian grew up skating with and idolizing guys like Christian Hosoi and Jason Jessee, so the crossover of skate to surf was an obvious progression. “We were freaking out when we saw that footage,” says the video’s Producer Jason Kenworthy. “Right when we saw it, we were like, ‘F-k, that was crazy.’ It was the first time any of us had ever seen anyone do that on a surfboard, and no one to my knowledge had done it since. That just changed a few weeks ago. I was on a boat trip with Cheyne Magnusson, and he did a couple sick judos.”

When Christian heard that someone else had finally pulled a judo, he was stoked. “It’s about f-king time,” he laughed. “What the f-k took so long.”

No one can dispute the effect that Christian had on modern surfing. He’s always pushed the limits and continues to employ new technologies and a warped mind-set in a quest to advance our sport.

The fact that he was doing judos over a decade ago is pretty amazing. Whether he’s the son of Satan or an undercover angel from god’s army, Christian is a badass air-flinging mofo-always has been, always will be.-C.C.