‘Sunny Dayz’ Premieres At La Paloma

Backyard Boards, High Voltage Productions, and Lau Vizion continued their nationwide ‘Sunny Dayz’ movie-premiere tour last night at Encinitas’ La Paloma theater. The showing was in association with BYB, No Fear, Spy, FCS — the World Champ’s sponsors — as well as Surfer Mag.[IMAGE 1]

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned at all of these movie premieres is that it pays to sit up front. There was a bunch of swag from BYB and No Fear being thrown out, but most surfers have lousy arms and BYB’s Wendi Glomb — who was on stage divvying up the prizes — is like ten months’ pregnant, and the chances of her tossing a T-shirt to the back row was slim to none. So all the smart (and rowdy) kids who sat up front got a grip of prodi, including their own copy of ‘Sunny Dayz.’ And as for us idiots in the back… well, we were still treated to a great documentary.

‘Sunny Dayz,’ directed by Jason Lau (he did ‘Inspired’), chronicles Sunny Garcia’s lifelong quest for the World Title. Narrated by John “Shmoo” Shimooka, the 45-minute film takes the audience on a fast-paced journey through Sunny’s entire competitive career — all twenty-plus years of it.

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of seeing 45 minutes of just Sunny Garcia. But as soon as I saw the awesome, artsy opening scene that props Sunny on a rock flirting with giant plumes of whitewater — all shot in Hollywood-quality 35mm — my attitude immediately shifted.

[IMAGE 2]The biography is set appropriately in O’ahu, and it features first-hand accounts of the champ from all the local heavies: Buffalo, Rusty Kealoha, Ben Aipa, Cino and Jason Magellenes — and Sunny’s mom. (Bob Hurley has a cameo, too.) Most of them touch on Sunny’s education (or, rather, lack thereof), and mainly talk about his determination, the fire in his eyes, his “second is the first loser” attitude, etc… — it’s no wonder he rides for No Fear.

There was a little too much Backdoor, and maybe the movie should have ended five minutes sooner. But then if it did we wouldn’t have seen the dredging, sucking, sand-spitting right that “Sunny’s Friends” were surfing (Andy and Bruce Irons, Brian Pacheco, Chava Greenlee, and others).

‘Sunny Dayz’ is the first movie in a long time that’s actually gotten me psyched to surf. Every grom should see this movie. Even if you aren’t interested in Sunny, you should watch it. It will change your perspective.

But just because you’ve watched it and have a greater feel for life on the West Side, don’t expect to get any waves next time you’re out at Makaha.

To get your copy, go to billygoatproductions.com, or call BYB: (760) 931-6910.