Super Brand Web Site Is Officially Released

Hawaii, California, Australia: What d’ya know….SUPERbrand has officially launched its website on the worldwide web –  Yes, and it’s a totally good one. After months of development, we have created a dynamic and interactive site that just flows with the overall SUPERbrand vibe.  So go there and get SUPERbrand’ed!

What will you see there?
Unbelievable surfing pictures of the team.
Images of the SUPERbrand line of products
Fresh videos of the team surfing and having fun
Plus constantly updated blogs and more….

Overall, we at SUPERbrand say you won’t be too bummed out if you go to our website!

About SUPERbrand:
: A rider-driven brand founded in Jan. ’08 by Clay Marzo, Kolohe Andino, Dion Agius, Ry Craike, and Tosh Townend. Our goal is to progress both the style and tricks of surfing with rider-tested line of surfboards and products developed to meet and exceed the highest demands of heavy ripping.