Surf Expo Cancels BTS West Show

Following careful analysis of the West Coast back-to-school/fall market, including candid conversations with industry leaders, Surf Expo announced today its decision to cancel its 2003 BTS West show.

“Our decision to withdraw from the West Coast back-to-school market was made with the same level of research and consideration as our initial decision to launch the show,” explained Lori Kisner, vice president of dmg world media. “And both decisions were based ultimately on the same concern: what is best for our industry.”


Surf Expo held the industry’s first Back-to-School/Fall show on the West Coast earlier this year at the request of surf industry leaders who had indicated their need for a show over the past few years. Consequently, ASR show producers responded to the Surf Expo plans for the BTS West show with their own announcement to produce a competing event.

“To our surprise, ASR demonstrated clearly its commitment to the West Coast back-to-school market. Their boutique show, with its great Huntington Beach location, industry party, limousines, and free breakfast and lunch were very well received, and I am sure the industry will now look forward to the same show next year,” continued Kisner.

“Since ASR has made this commitment to serve the West Coast market, we will concentrate on the East Coast back-to-school market with our show in its new Virginia Beach location, our 91,000 square foot expansion of Surf Expo in Orlando as well as some other industry opportunities we are now exploring.”

Despite the decision to cancel the show, Kisner remained upbeat and positive about the West Coast Back-to-School experience. “Our goal was to raise market awareness of the importance of the fall season and to ensure the launch of a show to serve the West Coast market, and we succeeded.”

For more information about Surf Expo in Orlando, September 20-22, and BTS East in Virginia Beach at the Pavilion, March 4-5, 2003, go to