Surf Expo: HIC’s Techno-Driven Short Trade Show in Orlando, Florida

Brrrring. Brrrring brrrring. “Is that me? I think that’s me. Just a second. I have to take this.”

Sound familiar? Just about everyone roving the aisles — exhibitors, buyers, working media — was packing a cell phone at Surf Expo:

“Hey man, where are you?” “I’m at the Wake Designs booth perving The Popcorn Girl.”

“I’ll be right over.”

For Spring 2001 HIC has made it easy for people to take important calls like this. Men’s Head Designer Baltazar Magdirila has created the Fusion walkshort, a fully mesh-lined short with pockets dedicated to all the necessary techno gadgets — Palm Pilots, cell phones, black books, as well as a loop below the waistband for keys.

“Everyone — even the kids — have cell phones these days,” says Magdirila. “We’re going after the kid who’s on the go. It’s a deluxe short.”

This multimedia short comes in three colorways — olive, khaki, and navy. Red stitching and accents — not to mention the bright red mesh inside — are highlighted on each pair of shorts, which will retail for 55 dollars.

And what’s the major selling point? “It’s underwear optional,” says Magdirila.