Surf Expo: Rusty Plans Extensive Demo Tour

Rusty is going the extra mile to promote its updated line of surfboards. Beginning this fall, Rusty Surfboards Manager Peter “PJ” Johnson and company are hitting the road on the brand’s surf-shop tour entitled “2001: Surf Odyssey.”[IMAGE 1]”We want to create a partnership with the shops and connect with the kids surfing,” says Johnson.

The tour will begin this October in Hawaii and end next September with final stops in the Northeast. Other weeklong stops include Florida (November), Puerto Rico (January), Texas (March), and Virginia Beach (May). “We wanted to go to the spots during the best time of the season,” adds Johnson.

One of the 25 different boards Rusty will be promoting along the way is its new fish model, the Piranha. Test ridden by teamrider Chris Ward and crew on the North Shore this winter, the Piranha is designed to be ridden in small- to medium-size surf and ridden a few inches shorter than a regular shortboard. The board features a fuller nose, which is complemented by a triple-wing swallowtail. There’s a low-entry rocker and the bottom contour is double concave with a vee.

Besides toting a grip of boards on the Odyssey, Rusty will also showcase its sportswear line on the tour, which will give retailers the complete brand package.