Surf For The Sea Results From Oceanside

The Fifth Annual Surf For The Sea was held October 13 and 14 on the Northside of the Oceanside Pier. The contest is a benefit for the Surfrider Foundation and other environmental organizations in memory of Harry Bennett, Steve Leighton, Tore Bonura, Chuck ‘Clubber’ Hundley, and Banning Capps. Last year’s event raised $5000 and went to the Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter and the League For Coastal Protection. Surf conditions were 4-7 foot with exceptional conditions and a good time was had by allwith the help of many sponsors.

1. Chris Drummy, San Clemente ($500)
2. Kyle Knox, Imperial Beach ($300)
3. Jason Bennett, Oceanside ($150)
4. Jeremy Heit, Oceanside ($75)

MEN (18-29)
1. Chris Abad, Oceanside
2. Josh Spengler, Oceanside
3. Taj Tucker, Oceanside
4. Matt Brown, Leucadia

JUNIOR MEN (15-17)
1. Matt Merel, Oceanside
2. Reid Chambers, Oceanside
3. Michael Poole, Oceanside
4. Anthony Dickey, Oceanside

1. Phillipe Boutin, Encinitas
2. Aaron Checkwood, Oceanside
3. Matt McCarly, Carlsbad
4. Michael Baron, Oceanside

BOYS (13-14)
1. Check Moore, Encinitas
2. Dustin Smith, Oceanside
3. Matthew Schoaff, San Diego
4. Ian Brookwell, Oceanside

GROMMETS (12 & Under)
1. Gabe Garcia, Carlsbad
2, J D McFadden, Oceanside
3. Tommy Pearson, Vista
4. Sean Bennett, Vista

HEAVYWEIGHTS (225 lbs +)
1. John Schnittger, Oceanside
2. George Bishop, Oceanside
3. Brooks Mackin, Oceanside
4. Dr. Leonard Schulkind, San Diego

1. Tessa Merel, Oceanside
2. Ashley Brookwell, Oceanside
3. Paula Douglas, Oceanside
4. Melanie McCutchen, La Jolla