Surf Game Cheats – 4.5

Surf Game Cheats

Hey kids, cheating is cool. Not cheating on tests or girlfriends-video games, you silly goose. Here’re some hip cheats for the new TransWorld SURF video game on PlayStation 2! Press select before entering codes. Have fun, play safe, and remember not to sit too close to the television!

Invisible surfer: U-D-L-L-UPerfect floater balance: U-D-L-R-R-LShark/Crocodile surfboard: U-D-L-R-R-DUnlock all levels: D-R-L-L1-D-R-L-L1

There’re a few codes for you to chew on. For more cheats, you little cheaters can log onto Keep cheating kids, it’s a great way to get through life (that’s called sarcasm).