Surf Hardware Issues Response To Costco Surfboards

Surf Hardware International USA (“SHI”) issued a statement today that it has recently become aware of surfboards with the FCS System installed being distributed through discount chain stores at significantly discounted retail prices. SHI’s statement underscored its position regarding the distribution of FCS-equipped surfboards through discount chain stores with packaging containing the FCS logos and stated:

*It was unaware that surfboards containing its FCS Fin System were intended for sale at heavily discounted prices in the discount chain channel.

*SHI stated that it has absolutely no association or relationship with the USA-based distributor of the surfboards. It noted that the distributor did not have authority to use the FCS trademark logo on its packaging and such unauthorized use has lead to a misperception that SHI supports the distribution of these surfboards.

*SHI further explained that, as a policy matter, it does not and will not support such heavily discounted sales through discount chain stores because SHI does not want the FCS brand image associated with the discount chain distribution channel.

*SHI has taken steps to remedy the unauthorized use of its FCS trademark logo and has demanded that the distributor and the discount chain cease and desist from associating the FCS brand with its surfboards by their unauthorized use of the FCS trademark logo.

SHI distributes the well-known FCS Fin Control System and Gorilla Grip products together with related surfing products such as board bags, back packs, and luggage, through specialty surfing shops throughout the world. Since 1997 the FCS Fin Control System has been adopted nationwide in the US and heralded the market’s abrupt and dramatic shift to removable fins. The FCS Fin System allows manufacturers and retailers to streamline production, shipping and display of surfboards thereby becoming more efficient and profitable. SHI’s marketing approach also boosted the separate sales of short board fins with its wide variety of fins and its “Change your fins, Change your surfing” approach.

SHI supports the continued growth of professional and amateur surfing through its support of NSSA, ESA, and the Finskins programs for WQS and WCT men’s and women surfing, as well as through continued scientific research to enhance the surfing experience.


Tyler Callaway
Surf Hardware International USA
San Diego, California
(858) 490-4343

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