Surf Meets Fashion: Cobian and Esquivel Introduce the C Collection

San Marcos, CA-John Cobian, owner of Cobian USA, is proud to announce that his company has teamed up with designer George Esquivel to create the C Collection by Cobian. The C Collection will bring a stylish edge to the successful sandal company, and will start shipping December 15 for holiday and spring ’06.

“This is our crossover,” Cobian says. “We’re going to bring fashion into surf, and surf into fashion.” At a suggested retail range of $40 to $60, the C Collection will sell in surf boutiques, specialty shoe shops and clothing stores. George Esquivel is the creator of Esquivel handmade men’s dress shoes, renowned for surprising colors and exotic materials. The line retails from $400–$3500 at Fred Segal Feet in Los Angeles and Nordstrom in San Francisco. Famous fans include Nicolas Cage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and director John Singleton.

“I want to liven up sandals,” Esquivel says. “We’re going for a handmade feel. We’re trying funkier materials, distressed leathers, ways to make it different.” The sandals feature a textile-rubber bottom sole and leather insoles in most models, plus a rounded toe and a more streamlined, shoelike silhouette. With the new look, Cobian says, men finally have a sandal that can take the place of shoes, to wear with everything they own. “Surf is bringing a fresh approach to fashion,” Cobian says. “The beach is now inspiring what guys wear on the street.”

The C collection also celebrates the 10th anniversary of Cobian, which started in 1995. Since then, Cobian has flourished to become a leader in the surf sandal market, with 2000 accounts in the United States. Cobian also sells through 30 international distributors, with the number increasing regularly, and is especially strong in the United Kingdom, Mexico and Japan. “Our Japanese market is very excited about the C Collection,” Cobian says. “They’re always looking for something new.”

To focus on the new collection, Cobian will offer retailers the option of packaging each pair with its own specially designed box, made from recycled paper. For fall ’06, Esquivel will work with Cobian designer Becca Dahlgren to extend the C Collection to women’s sandals.

The C Collection: A New Direction for Cobian

*Rodeo: Denim details show up in sandals, with contrasting whipstitch trim and an embroidered logo.

*Pana: Suede shifts its shape with a stamped-corduroy pattern.

*Sebastian: A bold perforated strap and Cobian’s distinctive new “C” metal icon logo make this sandal stand out.

*Brando: The shoemaker’s art comes to sandals with a contrasting leather weave on the strap and the insole.

*Loca Rosa: Cobian and Esquivel pay tribute to their Mexican heritage, with a rose-embossed leather strap.