Surf mockumentary duo starts Kickstarter for new comedy project

Surfing as a whole can be a bit serious at times. Countless edits filled with moody walks to surf, a lack of wipeouts and failed air attempts and the overwhelming feeling that these are ‘cinematic masterpieces’ and not just fun, can leave it all feeling a bit stale.

This over-the-top seriousness is why Rob Lockyear and Jeremy Joyce have made such hilarious mockumentaries like last year’s smash-hit “Freezing”, “#Vanlife” and “The Shaper”. They’ve now got their sights set on a new project, and have turned to Kickstarter for help getting it off the ground.

The new project aims to start a comedy series that will contain multiple episodes that follow different sorts of surfers. The duo says on their Kickstarter campaign, “Our dream is to make a comedy series populated with a whole universe of characters from the surfing psyche. It will be surfing’s answer to ‘The Office’ or ‘Spinal Tap’. It is a film for surfers so we are here to ask you to help us make Episode 1.”

Episode 1 is called “The Outrider” and is a look at North Shore shaper Mike Strident who was cast into irrelevancy with the invention of the thruster. The duo hopes to start filming in June for the episode to be finished for September’s London Surf Film Festival.

SURFER has a wonderful interview with Rob Lockyear about the duo’s approach, and you can check out the Kickstarter here. Some of the funding rewards include getting to write a one-liner into the episode, a film t-shirt and even a surfboard from “The Shaper”.

A moment from “Freezing”. Screenshot: Vimeo

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