Surf Ride’s Summer Demolition Program

Surf Ride would like to announce it’s Summer Demolition program. Surf Ride will be touring the beaches of North County this summer letting everyone and anyone try out over 150 of the newest surfboards from top shapers such as Channel Islands, JS, JC, Hynson, Firewire, Chemistry, UM, Xandu, Boardworks, Surf Tech and many others.

The purpose of Surf Rides’ demo program is to allow the customer to try before they buy.  Surf Ride knows that buying a new board these days is a big deal, and because of that Surf Ride is committed to making sure that you are getting the perfect board to fit your surfing style, ability, and goals.

Come on down this summer and try before you buy. We will be at a different spot every Sat. till the end of August using our big box van to put on the demo. So if you’re driving down the coast this summer and see it on the side of the road, or at your favorite surf spot, stop by and try out a new board. It is free of charge; all you need is a picture ID, and a credit card to leave for deposit. We hope to see you there.

For a complete and detailed listing of times and locations and more details, log onto