Surf School Owner Shrugs Off Great White Shark Photographed In Lineup

One surf school that won't be making our list of endorsed academies is run by "former Professional surfer" Gary Hughes (we haven't heard of him either until now). Next time you complain about insurance and liability laws in the US, think about this guy…

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Great White Shark

“No worries mate, it’s only a nine-footer.” Photo: Silvio Rodriguez

A SURF school owner has defended his failure to warn his class that a large shark was swimming close to teenagers on a popular New South Wales beach.

This amazing photo shows the moment the shark, believed to be a 3m great white, surfaced at Blueys Beach on the Mid-North Coast, near Myall Lake on Sunday.

Silvio Rodriguez was photographing other surfers near the surf school students about midday when he noticed a large shadow.

“At first I thought it was weed, but I kept an eye on it then I saw the massive fin come up,” Mr Rodriguez, 31, said.

“It was only maybe 30m away from the nearest learner surfer.” Former professional surfer Gary Hughes, who runs Gary Hughes Surface School of Surf and Surf Consultancy, said he was aware of the shark and had been monitoring it.

“I did not tell the students because they just would have worried,” Mr Hughes, 50, said.