Surf Slang

Bro’s Nest¿A place were a bunch of bros hang out at.

Example: “Hey, bro. Let’s all go back to the bro’s nest and chill on the real.”

Inescapabro¿When a bro always shows up and you can’t escape from him.

Example: “Oh, crap. Joe’s here again, he’s a full-on inescapabro.”

Bro-bro¿A super good bro.

Example: “Dude, Mike’s more than just my bro, he’s my bro-bro.”

Bro-Am¿A contest for bros only.

Example: “Hey, bro. Let’s get all the bros together and have a bro-am.”

Owe-bro¿When a bro owes you some money.

Example: “Man, you owe me so much money. From now on, you’re my owe-bro.”

Standard Surf Slang

Bammerwee¿When something is just okay, not all that good.

Example: “I heard the stuff he has is just bammerwee, but we should get some anyway.”

Rattly¿When someone’s wild, messy and crazy.

Example: “Dude, Christian was getting so rattly out at lowers yesterday.”

Epi¿What a stoner guy says instead of epic.

Example: “Oh, bro. Trestles was so epi yesterday.”

Clipped¿Getting hit in the head by the lip.

Example: “Oh, man. Jerry just got so clipped on that last one.”

Seshie¿What stoner guys call a surf session.

Example: “Yeah, bro. Let’s get something to eat after our seshie.”