Surf Slang

chimer¿Someone who’s always interrupting private conversations.Example: “Stop being such a chimer while I’m talking to Blair about getting some free DC Shoes.”

Curtin maritime¿A way to describe big and dangerous ocean conditions.Example: “Bro, don’t go out there right now. It’s fully all Curtin maritime today. Gnarly, man.”

onion¿A new way to say something or someone is eggy.Example: “Why are getting all onion on me, Dylan? Did I upset you?”

tha’stheshitsforeal¿A quick way of saying, “That’s the shit, for real.”Example: “Yo! Have you played that new TransWorld SURF video game yet? Tha’stheshitsforeal!

take iteezy¿(an O-ism) Say this with a Scottish accent when someone’s all amping out.Example: “Hey! Take iteezy.”

whippit¿The act of ripping a person’s towel off while they’re changing.Example: “Dude, why are you always trying to give me a whippit? Do you want to see me naked or something?”

More Bro-isms For Your Bros

bro-ho¿A chick who only hooks up with your bros.Example: “Dude, Wednesday night Virginia was hooking up with my bro Sage, and Thursday she was clutching onto my other bro Casey. Then, last night I went to Club Puto and saw her trying to pick up on my best-bro Josh¿she’s such a bro-ho!”

Miracle Bro¿The bro who adds on more and more weight. Example: “Is it me, or does it look like Blair’s getting fatter? He must be eating Miracle Bro.”

broing pains¿The bro who gets tired of being such a bro. Example: “Bro, Andre must be going through broing pains. I saw him yesterday, and instead of giving me a shaka, he shook my hand.”

Bro Derek¿The super-hot chick who only hangs out with bros. Example: “Tammy’s way too hot to be hanging with those bros, she’s a total Bro Derek.”

Bro and Luke Duke¿A couple of Southern bros who are related in some way.Example: “Look, the Gilligans are wearing matching Hawai’ian shirts and skidding out in the parking lot again. They’re like Bro and Luke Duke.”

Bromer Pyle¿A bro who joins the Marines.Example: “Dupont’s so stoked. He just got stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego and surfs every day like he’s Bromer Pyle or something!”

macabroni and cheese¿the meal of choice for bros.Example: “Oh wow, man! I just finished a killer sesh, have the munchies, and no money left for dinner. I guess I’m eating macabroni and cheese tonight.”