Surf Slang 4-2

Surf Slang

surfish-When something is very surf-like.

Example: “Dude, that painting of a wave is so surfish. I’m stoked on it, bro.”

hologram boner-When you have an erection, but no one can see it.

Example: “Yeah, those white boardshorts did put an end to my hologram boners at the beach this past summer.”

pre-ejaculatory aerial-When you go to launch a huge air, mis-time it, and screw up big.

Example: “Man, I had the worst pre-ejaculatory aerial on this one wave today. Everyone who saw it laughed at me.”

nabes-Another word for your neighbors.

Example: “Dude, I’m gonna go paddle out with the nabes. Those guys are sick!”

eggstatic-When you act stoked, but you’re actually all eggy.

Example: “Oh yeah, bro. I’m soo eggstatic about going to your birthday party. Sha, right!”

More Bro-isms For The Bros

Brosiris-The shoe company where a bunch of our bros work.

Example: “Dude, Luis is such a bro. He sent me a brand-new pair of bright-orange Brosiris Chad Knights. Hell yeah!”

broasis-The local bar where all the bros hang out.

Example: “I went to Yogi’s on Friday night, and there were so many bros there, I thought I’d walked out of the desert and into a broasis.”

David Browie-Your friend who thinks he’s glam rock.

Example: “What’s up with Blair’s hair? It’s all styled like he’s David Browie or something.”

Broakland Raider-Your bro from the Bay Area who always surfs your break.

Example: “Bro, Casey keeps surfing my break every day. What is he, a Broakland Raider?

Brozo The Clown-Your bro whose nose is red from drinking so much.

Example: “You can tell Chris has a drinking problem, because he’s starting to look and act just like Brozo The Clown.”

brotographer-Your bro who shoots photos of you, even though there’re tons of pros in the water.

Example: “Brian told me he got a killer layback-slash photo of me at Rocky’s. He’s like my own personal brotographer.”

broceanographer-Your bro who knows exactly when every swell’s hitting and from where.

Example: “According to our broceanographer Mark, the next south swell is reading eight feet at fifteen seconds at the offshore buoys. Dude, let’s go to Newps!”