Surf Slang 4.1

Beetlejuice-A style that’s busted.Example: “Yo, Josh! What up with that Beetlejuice backhand bottom turn?”

Finding Forrester-Finding a tube on a tubeless wave.Example: “Whoa, guy. That wave was mushy, and somehow I just ended up Finding Forrester.”

gazebo’d-Another word for getting tubed.Example: “Holy moley, I just got so f-king gazebo’d on that last one!”

nuggified-A girl who used to be ugly, but now she’s hot.Example: “Dude, Brittany used to be rank, but she just fully nuggified.”

television ass-A big, fat ass from watching too much television.Example: “Hey, Brendan! Get your television ass out of the way of the TV.”

thwage-A big ol’ lipper.Example: “I just cranked it off the bottom, came up to the lip, and just went thwage!”

New Age Of Bro-isms For The Bros

bro and tell-When a bro gets out of the water and starts bragging about the tube he just got. Example: “Dude, I got some bro and tell for you! I took like a full-on late drop, so I just did this radical bottom turn, set my inside rail, and got spit out of this gnarly barrel in front of this dude Eric.”

Broceanside-The town where TransWorld SURF is based. Also a magnet for transplants who import their bros. Example: “I’m soo sick of Jacksonville’s flat surf. I think it’s time we moved to Broceanside with our bro Joey.”

brollaborate-When two or more bros collaborate to create something. Example: “Do you see that big airbrush scene of a wave on the side of my house? Dude, my bros Aaron and Dwayne did that-it was a full-on brollaboration.”

broller skater or brollerblader-A bro who likes to roller skate or fruitboot.Example: “I was taking a walk down The Strand last night when I saw Swift brollerblading-we never knew it, dude.”

brommunication skills-A bro who says all the cool bro words. Example: “Dude, we were street shreddin’ one day after an irie session and we saw this full-on cement bank, so Shad and I pretended it was a super-gnarly peak just chillin’ waiting for my slash-you know I just got totally radical on it. How’s that for some gnarly brommunication skills?”

broteriety-A bro who does something bro-ish and gets a lot of notoriety for it. Example: “I can’t believe my bro Sage kissed that girl at school. Everyone was talking about it-he got some broteriety or something.”

“Bro to hell!”-What a bro says when he gets pissed at another bro. Example: “You fully snaked me and you know it, Grant. Bro to hell!”

rebroduce-When a bro reproduces to create another bro.Example: “Marc and Stacy just had a boy-I had no idea he was gonna rebroduce.”

touch and bro-When bros play naughty games with each other. Example: “Instead of playing hide the salami, Chris played touch and bro with Brendan.”