Surf Slang – 4.5

Surf Slang

anamilistical-A fierce animal-style turn.
Example: “Yo, Tom, you got aninamlistical on that last hack.”barfish-A lame turn or air.Example: “I just did such a barfish cutback on that last one, shit on me.”Dickfaced-Someone who drank too much alcohol.Example: “Dude, your dad was so dickfaced he tried to kiss me.”burp-ums-When you’re surfing and you burp up some cream.Example: “Man after that big breakfast I got the burp-ums bad.”sand landing-Taking a dump on the beach.Example: “I can’t hold it man! I gotta go for the sand landing.”shitsicle-When you attempt a sand landing on a freezing day.Example: “Oh, that shitsicle just popped right out.”silly splasher-When you pee down your leg and kick it on a friend.Example: “Dude! Brendan just hit me in the eye with a silly splasher.”snail step-When you step in a loogie with bare feet.Example: “Who spit right there? I just did a full snail step.”


broad block-When a bro blocks another from getting a chick. Example: “I was totally getting ready to kiss Stacie when Pete asked if I still had mono-a total broad block.”brobedience training-When bros learn things such as table manners. Example: “Sorry, bro, my mom says I can’t eat my burritos with my hands anymore. She says it’s part of brobedience training.”brostal-When a bro snaps at other bros and tries to fight them. Example: “Dude, Shad totally slid his skate out in front of Nolan, and Nolan went brostal!”brozone-A small area where bros congregate. Example: “Dude, I drove up to D Street, and tons of bros were just hanging out-it was like a brozone.”Christopher Brolumbus-A bro who travels around the world looking for new breaks. Example: “Sage thinks he just found a new point break called Spengler’s-he’s like Christopher Brolumbus.”La Vida Broca-A bro who acts like he’s from the ghetto. Example: “Oh no, Joe’s throwing gang signs every time he does an air-he thinks he’s living La Vida Broca or something.”