Surf Slang – 4.7

Noteworthy-Surf Slang

Australian Surf Slangesky-A cooler for your piss. Example: “Mate, reach into the esky, and get me another Toohey’s.”maggered-When you’re under the influence. Example: “Do you remember that chick last night? You were so pissed, you were maggered!”Mick Dundee-When you’re done with something. Example: “Mate, you want the rest of these chips? I ate too many-I’m Mick Dundee.”piss-Adult beverages made with barley and hops. Example: “Mate, I’m thirsty. Let’s go down to the Prevelly Pub and get some piss.”piss call-When one mate calls another mate very late at night while under the influence. Example: “Ah mate, I drank one too many Toohey’s and rang ya for a piss call at two a.m.”ranga-Red-headed surfer.Example: “Crickey, Dan’s in the tree again. Throw some avos at that ranga, and tell him to get down.”ranga biscuits-Bananas. Example: “Sage, if you get outta that tree, I’ll throw ya’ some ranga biscuits.”

Australian Broismsbroala-An Aussie bro you never see. Example: “Mate, have you seen Clayto anywhere? I can’t locate him-he’s hiding like a broala.”Occylupbro-Your bro who thinks he surfs like Occy. Example: “That goofyfoot Trevo thinks his turns are as powerful as Occy’s-he’s an Occylupbro.”dingbro-An Aussie bro who’s always scavenging. Example: “Mate, tell Wally to quit using me boards-I can’t stand that dingbro.”Jun bro-Your Australian bro who tries to act Hawai’ian. Example: “Mate, Presso just threw me a shaka like he’s Jun Bro or something.”Russell Bro-Your Aussie bro who wants to be an actor. Example: “Ah mate, Kingy’s taking acting classes again. He’s trying to move to Sydney to become Russell Bro.”sepbro-An Aussie’s American bro. Example: “Mate, I know he’s a seppo, but he’s me bro-he’s me sepbro.”