Surf Slang

Binger¿Getting run over by a boogie boarder.

Example: “Man that kid just gave me a binger with his Mach 7-7.”

Nectarine¿A hot girl that dates only marines.

Example: “Yeah, Laurie is hot, but she’s a full-on nectarine.”

Gacked¿When you go to start pumping, and you just fall over the front of the nose.

Example: “Dude, I tried to pump, but I just gacked instead.

Surfed¿A term used to describe hair after a sesh.

Example: “Sorry about my hair, ladies. It’s pretty surfed right now.”

Dick Dragger¿What Andy Iron’s lovingly calls boogie boarders.

Example: (See Andy’s interview, page 82)

Tittas¿What Andy lovingly calls snapped females.

Example: (See Andy’s interview, page 82)

Zipload¿A lot of something at once.

Example: “I just got a zipload of water in my suit after that duck dive.”

Po-Po¿Another urban word for police.

Example: “Aw f¿k, I got the po-po all up in my shit.”

Shoots¿A term used either in question, anger, or excitement (endless uses).

Examples: “Shoots, do you tink Pipe is good today?”

Shoots brah, you like get pounded!”

Shoots, that chick is firing! Go talk to her, kook!”

Stoops¿A term used to describe something dumb or stupid.

Example: “I hate the way Leon dresses¿his shit is straight stoops.”