SURFABOUT WEST Contest Series Drops in on Huntington Beach

March 12th, 2005 Brookhurst Street.

The 6th stop of the Christian Surfers SURFABOUT WEST contest series went off with great success. Originally scheduled for February 19th, the contest was postponed due to heavy rain and choppy seas. Thankfully the conditions were a much more inviting 3-4 foot and peaky for much of the day. The early rounds showcased some exceptional surfing especially among the jam-packed men’s open division. Bobby Morris of Santa Barbara was seemingly unstoppable, with his clean frontside attack, as was Brian Jennings of San Diego. However it was John Daniels of San Diego who would claim the top finish with his solid wave selection and high scoring combos that secured his victory. Other standout divisions included the youth shortboard division, where Jeff Schones narrowly defeated Trevor Gordon in a hot exhibition of surfings future. In the Woman’s shortboard category, Cecilia Enriquez took the 1st place trophy with a stylish and powerful display of her skills.

Christian Clark continues to dominate the Junior longboard division this season and again walked away with the first place hardware. Conditions were less than favorable during the Men’s longboard division, however Shea Roney was able to show flashes of cat like prowess to secure the win, with Brendan Castile and Michael Stone rounding out the top three. For more results and season standings check out

On the beach was professional Photog Mae Van Vooren taking shots of all the action, in the water and out. Check out Mae’s site under online galleries-with surf as the code to see yourself or a loved one in action. Photos are available for purchase.

Also the wonderful folks from SurfTech provided demo boards where surfers were trying out some of our sports latest innovations in board design. The Huntington Beach and Newport chapters of Christian Surfers provided a killer hospitality breakfast that included pancakes, sausage, fresh hot coffee and OJ. Lunch was sponsored by our friends at Chipotle Grill who provided delicious heavy weight burritos to just about everyone on the beach.

The afternoon brought with it a great acoustic jam from the Calvary Laguna worship team and a Bible study from Howard Riechenbach of the HB chapter. The day was wrapped up with the awards ceremony and free surfboard raffle. The raffle winner was a super stoked visiting surfer from Lima Peru; he was beaming from ear to ear when his number was called.Thank you to all the competitors, volunteers and sponsors that have made this seasons contest series the best ever!

Results for Christian Surfers Surfabout West at Brookhurst Street, Huntington Beach 3/12/05

1. Taylor Thorne
2. Taylor Clark
3. Jared Thorne
4. Micah Beutz
5. Trevor Thornton
6. Emmy Merrill

1. Jeff Schones
2. Trevor Gordon
3. Ben Tustin
4. Whitman Bedwell
5. Micah Beutz
6. Brandon Apalategui

1. Cody Davis
2. Andy Cash
3. Brandon Smith
4. Chase Vittitoe
5. Kyle Bretting
6. Tyler Vesneski

1. John Daniels
2. Bobby Morris
3. Bryan Jennings
4. Leki Nagahara
5. Tomonori Kimizuka
6. Brian Warren

1. Matthew Tokarz
2. Jeff Schones
3. Vincent Duprat
4. Ysuke Sahara
5. Jeremy Handysides
6. Chad Stevens

1. Daniel Courtney
2. Jeff Schones
3. Rick Llorente
4. Curtis Johnson
5. Mark O’Toole
6. Richard Thornton

1. Erika Cook
2. Erica Tow
3. Erin Smith

1. Cecilia Enriquez
2. Lauren Schricten
3. Erika Cook
4. Makiko Yamada
5. Charis Bauer
6. Rachell Gregory

1. Christian Clark
2. Jeff Roussel
3. Daniel Ward
4. Bert Fernando
5. Jared Thorne
6. Josh Printup

1. Shea Roney
2. Brendan Castile
3. Michhael Stone
4. Brian Cox
5. Paul Pence
6. Kevin White

1. Jackie Anderson
2. Tiffany Kiger
3. Lauren Schricten
4.Claudia Romero
5. Emmy Merrill

1. Jeremy Wright
2. Kevin Jenkins for more info and complete results