Surfarazzi: Koby Abberton Rumored To Be Unpleased With His Girlfriends GQ Magazine Photos

So you hook up with a hot model and get bummed because she posed for GQ Magazine wearing next to nothing? C'mon mate—it's a small price to pay for dating that hot of a chick!

Koby Abberton Girlfriend Tahnya Tozzi

Koby’s girl Tahnya Tozzi (left) with her sister Cheyenne who used to date Taj…

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Tozzi’s big sister, Tahnya, who is building an acting career in LA, including a part in the new Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman, has had her own challenges with Bra Boy partner, Koby Abberton.

The controversial kid from Maroubra is said to be none too pleased with the sexiness of her shoot in the latest issue of GQ Magazine.

Too late: it is already on the stands.