Surfboard Science -T&C


Shaper: Glenn Pang

Model: W2

Board type: semi-gun

Size: 6’8″

Width: 18 1/2″

Thickness: 2 3/8″

Tail: Round pin


Height: 5’8″-6’0″

Weight: 160-175 lbs.

Optimal Conditions

Powerful winter swells

10-15-foot faces

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A pulled-in rounded pintail means the W2 is going to hold in better as the waves get bigger. The unbroken line of the rail in the lower half of the board means it will draw longer, smoother lines, which is what you want out at medium-size Backdoor. The beauty of the round pin is that you don’t give up the maneuverability like you do in a true big-wave pintail.

Medium, turned down rails make this board quicker and more responsive. They also keep the volume down, thus distinguishing it from a rhino-chaser, where high volume is a plus.

The bottom features a double concave, which starts under the front foot and tapers into a solid V that begins just before the fins and runs through the tail. “The V sinks the tail to add control by putting the board in the wave, not on top of it,” says Glenn. When waves get bigger and more powerful, you want your board to slow itself down a bit, and putting the board “in the wave” is one way of controlling the speed you achieve dropping in somewhere like Sunset.

Slightly exaggerated rocker helps control the power of bigger surf and allows you to maneuver the board in the pocket on a rounder, hollower wave.

While Glenn makes a lot of these boards with glassed-on fins for Hawai’ians who will use it as their everyday board, he’ll also do them with any fin system out there.

The domed deck and pinched rails are another way to keep the volume low.

The W2 is usually glassed with a four-ounce bottom, and a four/six deck, but if you like your boards a bit lighter, he recommends going four/four on the deck. It’ll be lighter, though, so don’t get caught in the impact zone on an eight-foot day at Off The Wall, unless you love open-ocean swims.

Shaper Notes:

Glenn says that with the pulled-in nature of the tail, slightly exaggerated rocker, and V in the tail, the W2 will work best in juicier winter surf. He said this shape loves waves five to eight foot, but remember Glenn lives in Hawai’i, where five to eight means ten to fifteen. If you have access to powerful overhead to triple-overhead waves, a semi-gun like the W2 is an essential part of your quiver. Boards like this allow you to get the full value from bigger surf. You wouldn’t wear a spring suit in 55-degree water, so why ride a shortboard in waves of consequence? Think about it.