Surfboard Science – The Rx-Pro

Designed to help “kooks surf like pros.”

1.The double concave under the front foot is like power steering for mid-level surfers. It's easy and forgiving in most any condition, especially for California beachbreaks. “I like to think it's a board for mortals,” laughs Doc Lausch. “It makes kooks surf like pros.”

2.”Most boards go from single-to-double concave and this one is the opposite,” says Doc. The double concave, in the center of the board flows into a single concave off the tail. This makes the board very forgiving and easy on the surfer.

3.The deck is moderately crowned, or domed, with tapered rails. Again this creates a rail that is less likely to dig, therefore adding friendlier turning capabilities.

4.The rails in the middle of the board are softly tapered. As they near the tail, the rails have a boxy, gently tapered shape that eventually leads into a hard edge by the fins–user-friendly rails for friendly users.

5.This particular board features the Future Fin System with Vector fins, but all Doc boards are available with nearly any fin system.

6.The entry rocker on this board is relaxed to go along with the “relaxed” attitude of the whole board.